"Productive Learning changed the outcome of my life. What was getting in my way wasn’t lack of skill or knowledge, it was my thinking."
-Eric Nelson, Vice President - Trumark Homes


Senior Trainer

As a Senior Trainer, Betty Jo Waxman brings Productive Learning over 30 years of personal and professional development workshop training experience. Having joined Productive Learning in the mid 1990s, Betty Jo has played a critical role in developing and designing the training program with Founder, Lindon Oscar Crow. She has been credited with helping to drive business through assisting in the development of workshop and training materials, educational content, and focusing on client success.


Betty Jo’s contribution as both a Senior Trainer and a committed client support resource has helped Productive Learning change the lives of over 5,000 people in areas of emotional intelligence, personal awareness and overall organizational and operational improvement.


​Between her work in both the Open Enrollment and Corporate divisions of Productive Learning, Betty Jo has facilitated over different 100 types of workshops. She has led both individuals and organizations through trainings focused on conscious leadership, building better relationships, conflict resolution, productive communication, team building, conscious choices and many more. Betty Jo has used over 10,000 hours of support and coaching conversations to ensure that participants in her trainings have immediate success in being able to directly apply their learning and insights to the specific situations that surface in their lives. 

Betty Jo’s commitment to her growth and her passion to help clients unlock higher levels of personal fulfillment alongside their professional success, make her a wonderfully competent trainer, with a warm heart and an extraordinary ability to facilitate change.


Industry Experience and Training

Through working with companies such Citibank, Northbay Healthcare, and Red Mountain Retail Group, Betty Jo has developed a keen understanding of the causes and corresponding solutions of organizational and team dysfunction and communication breakdown. Her proficiency in helping to cultivate emotional intelligence, along with her deep knowledge of the common pitfalls and core business challenges most organizations face has allowed Betty Jo to help businesses of all sizes overcome even the most challenging situations.


Prior to joining the team at Productive Learning, Betty Jo was trained by, and then worked for 10 years at The Summit Organization, a Personal Development training company. There she was a Senior Trainer and worked side-by-side with the founder of Productive Learning, Lindon Oscar Crow. Betty Jo grew up in a family that owned retail clothing stores and feels fortunate to have learned to “think like a businessperson”, which is a perspective that she brings to her current work.


Betty Jo received her Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UCLA and a Master’s Degree in Art History from Vanderbilt University. After completing her studies, she discovered her love of personal growth and committed to making that her career over 30 years ago. Her degrees in Economics and Creative Arts affords her the unique ability to blend left and right brain thinking and listening when working with individuals and teams.

Personal Endeavors

Betty Jo lives in the Bay Area and is the flagship trainer of Northern California’s workshops. In her free time, she enjoys physical activity – walking, hiking, and working out. She has also ignited a passion in the kitchen and garden, becoming the sous chef for her husband, who is the main cook in the family, and growing more and more of the food they eat.

Betty Jo Waxman


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