"When I embraced the training for myself and the company, I found that the payoff was TRANSFORMATIONAL."
- Rebecca Clark, President & CEO, LINC Housing



Executive Training for Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Are you exploring ways to expand the potential of your current resources to drive business growth? Is your goal to empower your teams to reach your desired results?



Utilize innovative methods to drive success, empower teams, and navigate obstacles.

Our Executive Roundtable Training (ERT) is designed to provide a supportive and collaborative incubator for leadership teams to hone their influence through the power of emotional intelligence. Transformational teams are created through an understanding of how the team has operated in the past, an awareness of thought processes and beliefs, and closing the gaps between potential and performance to achieve desired outcomes.




With the insight of experienced trainers, you will learn how to:

  • Enhance team communication and synergy

  • Get laser focused on business goals and next-stage visions

  • Promote accountability and ownership of team and company vision

  • Build leadership mindset to make your role more influential and fulfilling

  • Evaluate team performance and responsiveness to new strategies

  • Achieve sustainable excellence in leadership roles and the value you deliver



How it Works: Executive Roundtable Training Consist of:

  • 4-6 organizations per group 

  • 2-3 executive leaders from each organization

  • Peer-to-Peer Membership: partners, senior executives, team leaders, etc.

  • $2500/quarterly full day session per organization or $9k annual commitment

  • 30-minute Discovery Call per organization prior to their first session

  • 30-minute Executive Coaching call between sessions

Executive Roundtable
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