Trainer-led Workshops

We introduce principles of Emotional Intelligence through expert-led discovery, facilitated group inquiry, responsive content, and experiential learning.



  • Identify key roadblocks to achieving results

  • Bridges the gap between current company performance and desired results

  • Increases team synergy

  • Provides communication tools to face current and future challenges

  • Focuses organizations & teams on pertinent Key Performance Indicators


Executive and Staff Coaching

We provide Executive Training and Staff Coaching to help uncover team dysfunctions at all levels of the organization. Through the facilitation of group discussions, business leaders develop the ability to influence and implement conflict resolution strategies, enhance team conversations and create dynamic teams.



  • Provides tools to transform dysfunctional teams into high performing and collaborative teams

  • Assists in the development of company culture, employee loyalty, and vision-oriented teams

  • Enhances employee management, utilizing emotionally-intelligent methods of conversations

  • Effectively manage change by developing conflict resolution and productive communication skills


Leadership Assessments

Our Leadership Assessments help us identify the current status of the organizational leadership and their teams and explore their strengths and weaknesses. We look for the discrepancies between people skills and capabilities of the organization and its employees.



  • Provides insight into how particular leaders impact their teams and where we can make the most impact for those particular leaders

  • Highlights recommendations for trainings for company leaders and employees or departments

  • Identifies potential leaders that can impact employee experience and loyalty

  • Shortens transition period during organizational and technological changes

Corporate Training
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