Enhancing Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


People, Profit, Performance, and Purpose are the four top Business challenges leaders face today. Highly effective leaders develop creative ways to manage the stress and pressure of the fast-paced corporate environment.


High performing teams, unparalleled customer experience, and increased market share require influential, motivational and dynamic leaders. Join us on this 5-day highly experiential intensive for business leaders, where we will explore the key components of conscious leadership. Explore the strengths and weaknesses of your team’s dynamics to understand how to make the biggest impact.


Whether you come as the sole representative or bring your top 2-4 team members, you will gain extraordinary insights into how to become a more effective and influential leader. Your leadership team will be introduced to a common language based on the five pillars of emotional intelligence and they will walk away with a developing synergy that will enhance their productivity, communication, and responsiveness.


The benefits of conscious collaboration, effective communication, creative thinking and innovative/responsive company culture will permeate from your leadership team through your entire organization.


How this retreat will benefit you/your Leadership Team:

  • Bridges gap between current company performance and desired results

  • Creates team synergy

  • Provides communication tools to face current and future challenges

  • Identifies key pitfalls to achieving results

  • Provides tools to transform dysfunctional teams into high performing and collaborative teams

  • Assists in the development of company culture, employee loyalty and vision-oriented teams

  • Enhances employee management utilizing emotionally intelligent methods of conversations

  • Develops skills to effectively manage change by developing conflict resolution and productive communication skills

  • Promotes accountability and ownership of team and company vision

  • Builds leadership mindset to make your role more influential and fulfilling

  • Achieves sustainable excellence in leadership roles and value you deliver

  • Provides insight into how particular leaders impact their teams and where we can make the most impact for those leaders


Tuition: $4,500 per person

Date: March 27-31, 2019

*Tuition does not include accommodations

Location: Ojai, CA

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