"Productive Learning changed the outcome of my life. What was getting in my way wasn’t lack of skill or knowledge, it was my thinking."
-Eric Nelson, Vice President - Trumark Homes


Founder & Owner

Lindon O. Crow founded Productive Learning in 1992 and spent 25 years building an incredible brand, supporting an extraordinary community of clients, and creating over 100 dynamic workshops to help transform the lives of over 6,500 people.


Lindon’s interest with the human experience began at a very young age, where he found himself fascinated by people who had developed a level of mastery that allowed them to accomplish, create, or solve things. It was this passion that evolved into his life’s purpose of exploring and developing our human potential.


Lindon’s passion and knowledge of the human mind and human behavior has inspired the next generation of Productive Learning leadership as he is now serving as an Executive Board Member and Senior Trainer, leading key business trainings and open-enrollment workshops.


Industry Experience

In addition to assisting in the transformation of nearly 7,000 clients’ lives, Lindon has led many organizations through transformational change, many times enabling exceptional financial success.


A few of his clients have shared their experience below:


  • “Lindon has extraordinary insight into what makes people "tick" and can translate that information into solid recommendations on how to improve their business, professional and personal lives.” Bob McRann – President, RGM Consulting

  • “Lindon is an exceptional teacher, coach, and leader. He approaches people with a unique ability to grasp subtle nuances of behavior and assist individuals in making changes in their lives. Lindon lives an extraordinary life and builds exceptional relationships, which serve as a model for his workshops and presentations. He makes a difference in the lives of others, and many, many people credit Lindon with their own success.  I highly recommend Lindon Crow to you. He knows how to add value, and he knows when to allow others to be responsible for their own chooses.” – Joe Thigpen, President - Thigpen Consulting

  • “I've worked with and known Lindon for close to 30 years and can make an unequivocal recommendation that he's a leader in the true sense of the word. His ability to influence others, to clarify direction, and to inspire is top drawer! I always keep my eye out for opportunities to team with him without hesitation. Whether as a team member, teammate or having him as a player on my team - I'd be involved with Lindon anytime.” – Jim Castiglia, Founder – Business Street Fighter Consulting

Professional Experience

Lindon formally began his journey in the personal development industry in 1982, as a Trainer and Sales Leader at The Summit Organization, a company dedicated to self-development and personal awareness. After spending nearly a decade leading workshops, Lindon saw the opportunity to build upon his passion, by opening his own business, Productive Learning.


He has an incredible ability to see beyond what is on the surface and help individuals look deep within themselves and their thought patterns to build awareness, understanding and actionable items to facilitate great change, both within their personal lives and their businesses.

Education & Professional Affiliations

Lindon currently serves as the Chair of the San Clemente/Southern Orange County Chapter of Vistage, an organization dedicated to coaching executives and business owners looking to achieve excellence in both their business and personal lives.


Lindon received a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Administration from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He was also a member of the NCAA Football and Volleyball teams

Personal Endeavors

Lindon is truly committed to his craft, and can often be found at the ocean-front Productive Learning office or leading a workshop. He is happily married to his wonderful wife, Robin and has three children and four grandchildren. Lindon enjoys surfing, playing beach volleyball, and riding up in the mountains. He has traveled to over 35 countries and plans to continue to explore the world.

Lindon O. Crow


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