"Productive Learning's leadership training for our Senior Executive Team was about getting to the core of people's beliefs, thinking, assumptions, and misperceptions – and bringing them out in the open so that true change is possible." ​"
-​Elnora Cameron, Vice President Strategic Development  
and President, NorthBay Health Advantage


Emotional Intelligence

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine perfectly summarizes our beliefs in the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. It states that, "When emotional intelligence first appeared to the masses, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time."


This anomaly confused many due to the age old belief that IQ was the sole factor in determining success. Decades of research has shown us that emotional intelligence is the critical factor that enables individual achievement and increases the capacity for the team's success as a whole.


Our EQ training helps individuals achieve:

  • Increased EQ - i.e. heightened personal and social competence 

  • Heightened self awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management

  • Increased ability to make decisions, tolerate stressful situations, manage time efficiently, communicate effectively and a whole host of ancillary benefits. 

Accelerated Leadership

It is no secret that the leaders set not only the strategic vision for the company, but have the ability to inspire and empower a team or stifle and diminish a team.


Our training program works to enable the following key skills among team leadership:

  • Enhanced understanding of each individual’s impact on interpersonal and team dynamics

  • Introduction to the critical concepts of Response Flexibility, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Intelligence

  • Increased team cohesion, dynamics and resiliency

  • Greater engagement and team buy-in 

  • Increased team and personal effectiveness through improved skills in the areas of communication, collaboration, transparency, and resiliency

Accountability Coaching

Skill and desire alone (unfortunately) do not always equal results. Successful individuals are held accountable to achieve their goals and are most successful when their leaders and team members can all be trusted to hold up their end of the bargain. However, many times the definition of  "accountability" varies from person to person, leaving a lot of room for miscommunication, missed deadlines and low performance outputs. 


Our trainings are designed to enable:

  • Improved commitment, focus, follow-through, and productivity

  • Increased self confidence and successful habits

  • Improved team dynamics - increased trust, increased communication, increased team mentality

  • Increased desire to perform and achieve 

Team Performance Enhancement

Whether your team is considered high performing or middle of the road, chances are, there is room for improvement. Whether it be in employee happiness, stress reduction or overall communication, keeping your team happy, healthy and marching towards a common goal is key to overall business health.

Our customized training provides individuals with:

  • Heightened personal awareness and a greater understanding of one's personal effect on the team 

  • Greater organizational and personal productivity

  • Increased ability to communicate effectively, collaborate, present key data and tolerate change

Communication Enablement

Communication is a tricky thing - because we all think we do it, but we have no idea of our actual effectiveness. Many times our true intent and meaning, gets washed away in tone, body language and word choice. There is so much that is left to chance, no wonder it is one of the top reasons for overall team dysfunction.

Our communication trainings focus on:

  • Increased trust among team members

  • Heightened ability to disarm conflict and resolve problems quickly

  • Increased personal accountability for intent and communication ownership

  • Overall increase in ability to achieve results and work towards common goals

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