The Secret Weapon for Leaders of the 21st Century

"If you just delegate and dictate, your leadership style is out of date. These are the leadership skills of the future."

Recently the article, "The 4 Traits of the Best Leaders," caught our attention. The original piece was published by Fast Company, a media and publishing company known for its straight forward commentary aimed at inspiring leaders and innovators to create the future of business.

Those of us at Productive Learning were excited to see an article that speaks to precisely what we believe - there is power in vulnerability, even in business. No, strike that. There is power in vulnerability especially in business.

As a new generation of workers floods the working world, it only makes sense that changes are taking place. Gone are the days of dictatorships and task managers. The new frontier? Humanness. You might be wondering what is "humanness" and how can it help my business? In this context, humanness refers to one’s willingness to show their shortcomings or imperfections. Successful leaders of the future, are leaders that admit to not knowing everything and welcome ideas and suggestions.

Some of you might be skeptical of this idea. Won’t that make me look weak? Won’t that make me seem under-qualified? The answer is an absolute no. Nowadays people are craving real connection in all aspects of their lives. After being in business nearly 25 years, we have witnessed the power of vulnerability in over 6,500 clients. Time and time again, clients come to us with their set of reasons for why they can’t have what they want. Why their business isn’t succeeding. Why their relationships are lackluster. And we’ve seen over and over again, how being vulnerable, speaking your truth and owning your story can be the most powerful weapon against a “good” or “OK” life.

In our Business Breakthough Training, we work with teams to not only transform their thinking, but their businesses and their lives. We believe that often times the answers to the questions we are asking lie within ourselves, it merely takes a good mirror to reflect it back to us.

If you are interested in becoming a leader of the 21st Century, contact us for more information.

If you’d like to read the original article, please click here:

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