Redefine Leadership Development With Emotional Intelligence

Leadership. It is the highly coveted and fiercely debated professional skill that can define a person’s career and an organization’s legacy. According to a Harvard Business Review article, in 2015 more than $160 billion was spent in the U.S. on leadership development by corporate organizations. The need for strong and decisive leadership at an organization’s helm is imperative as executives seek to hone and grow their skills.

Business moves at the speed of light and executives need to be nimble to successfully lead their organization and stay in front of emerging trends. It is critical that leaders consistently refresh their leadership skills, connect with new business leaders, dissect organizational challenges from a 360-degree view, and examine what is keeping them from being a truly great leader. In fact, Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report showed that almost 89 percent of executives surveyed “rated the need to strengthen organizational leadership as a top priority but were still stuck in corporate models.”

The approach of a new year provides an opportunity to invest in redefining your leadership style through an external peer-led leadership group that will help you serve as a more conscious and effective executive. Professionals participating in these groups are dealing with similar leadership challenges and are looking to grow on a personal and professional level. The groups -- which include corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit leaders -- are built within a structure that allows for candid and dynamic discussions to allow participants to go deeper into the issues of why they are struggling to overcome hurdles in their business. Typically, these groups are small in nature, organized in a way that holds people accountable and looks at out-of-the-box solutions.

Peer-led leadership development groups are invaluable for not only dissecting challenges, but for connecting with business peers, growing professional influence, making better business decisions and organizing more productive work teams. A good leadership program provides the following:

  • Professional leadership development

  • Access to mentors/business peers

  • Business goal setting

  • Personal fulfillment

Typically, participants in these types of programs bring similar issues at varying levels of complexity, whether that be marketing, sales, or personnel challenges. Leaders present their problems or opportunities to the group, hold a Q&A, go to break out sessions and then present to the group.

However, in my tenure of attending leadership development groups, I have found there is a lack of awareness by the executives of their own personal blocks of why they are falling short of implementing long-lasting solutions – i.e. emotional intelligence. So, they are consistently coming back to the leadership development groups with the same types of problems because they are unable to change their way of thinking of instinctual habits. While there is not a lack of insight and good ideas, there is little development of the leader and guidance in changing mindsets, which ultimately affects business results and company culture.

Productive Learnings’ Conscious Leadership Circle, serving high-performing executives for 25 years, has a unique combination of developing the emotional intelligence of leaders along with providing strategic guidance on business decisions from CLC facilitators and group peers. With a focus on conscious leadership, which integrates making strategic business decisions and evolving emotional habits, CLC personalizes the development of each leader. The core program focuses on:

Increase Personal Effectiveness and Happiness

Transform oneself as a prelude to transforming your business, the culture of your company and the quality of other people’s lives.

Enrich Work and Team Environment

Wake up excited each day about living your life’s purpose and the difference you can make in the lives of those around you: your employees, your clients, your family and yourself.

Improve Business Productivity Index

It is about your thinking, your worldview and the quality of your interactions that need to grow or change to generate different or improved results.

Our goal is to help turn good leaders into truly great leaders by giving them the ability to consistently learn how to evolve the skills necessary to stay relevant in a vast business world. And that includes the ability to lead not only through building high performing work environments, but through conscious leadership in which people are able to resolve why their leadership decisions are not producing winning results.

Joining a leadership development group that focuses on building emotional intelligence will help leaders affirm confidence in their ability to grow their company through business success and emotional well-being. Join our Conscious Leadership Circle in 2019 and learn how to change your way of thinking to really drill down to the root cause of your business challenges.

Productive Learning has been positively impacting corporate cultures and growing business leaders through workshops for more than 25 years. Contact us today at (949) 234-0625 or to get started unlocking the potential of yourself and your team.

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